CONRIG GROUP, 160/9, Poorvarama Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka


Quality innovation and commitment have always been the fame of the CONRIG Group.
Conrig consultancy Services from its inception in 1989 has provided overall products and services according to our clients’ expectations, have proved out talent, we continue to achieve our aspirationsone by one.
The group started as Marine Container Surveyors representing Unicon International – USA who is legendary in the Shipping industry universally. With the vast experience gained in the field of marine Containers from shipping lines, container manufactures, financiers and lessor’, we have successfully triumphed over our opposing competitors. These gradually refined our performance and help us achieve global recognition, thus exposing our incidence to the international market.

Monro International Caters to the shipping world, with the supply of Marine Containers both locally and internationally and in the International market arenait caters to numerous shipping lines. Together with several container manufacturers and financiers from the East, It provides container trading activities with unfaltering faith in our vision at ever expanding goals and as well our group is on the verge of an exciting

Chairman's Message

Our foremost ambition is to serve all clients of our group with utmost dedication and sincerity. In order to fulfill expectations, we anticipate recognizing requirements of individual clients and thus waiting on them accordingly in order to fulfill their potentials. In the previous decade, our staff has worked tirelessly as a team to achieve success. I have no doubt that with their unrelenting support, our organization will be able to achieve our continuously escalating goals.

Our Services

Marine Container Surveys

  ON Hire Surveys.
  OFF Hire Surveys.
  PRE repair surveys.
  POST repair surveys.
  CONDITION surveys.

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Tank Container Surveys

  Gas , Liquid and Powder Tanks services.
  Issuing of Cleanliness Certificates.
  Issuing of Gas Free Certificates.
  CSC Inspections.
  Periodic Inspections and Certifications.
  Witness Certificates of 1 Bar Test.

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Engineering Services

  Gas free inspections of Machineries, Storage Tanks, Vessels.
  Stuffing Surveys.
  Measurement Surveys.
  Rework and Insurance Surveys for Damages Cargo
  Container Damage Insurance Surveys.
  Importers of Tank Container Spares , Security Seals.
  Manufacturers of Container logos , Identification Markings and DC Labels.

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Monro International

  Lashing Surveys and Consultation
  Trading of Marine Containers from Foreign Principals and Manufacturers
  Gas and Fuel Free Certification
  Battery disconnected certificates for Export Cargo - Vehicles / Machineries

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